January 4th, 2006

robot boy

new stuff

though I'd share some of my latest collector toys with you all

a very lovely Junko Mizuno Chika Grape Night Collector Doll

what says love more than a knife in the head ?
Roman Dirge's Mr Gosh from the 'Lenore' PVC set
Mr Gosh

Smurfs have moved with the times!
this is Downloading internet porn on his laptop Smurf!
porn smurf

click thumb image to see larger
alanis bw

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Here are some things I drew today, eventually (not at first) with
ideas for mini vinyl toys in mind:

bigger versions behind the cutCollapse )

I'm thinking that two of the big things that would be pulls for them would be
their ability to wear things (circlet sorts of things sit on their heads, hats, headbands)
and their shoes.
+their hands (fin things) could hold tools weapons things

im thinking that they would live in a place called Sacred Forest, and that these droplet people
would be the first characters from the forest, and that they would be called snips.
they might be fun DIY's also.

then maybe Adidas or BAPE or iPath would want special editions for their shoes and tons of money would come in from that.

now that we've established that im an idiot and subconsciously copied World Industries' Wet Willy
character somehow, I ask this instead: what do you think of the face designs, etc?