January 26th, 2006


Plush Week at Gallery 1988 in LA

Hey all! Here's Punk I made for the Plush Week! show in LA from Feb. 7th to the 14th

Hope you like him. He's one of 7 different plushes I made especially for the show. If anyone's gonna be near Gallery 1988 for the opening on the 7th please stop by. I figured it'd be a cool excuse to fly out to LA so I'll be there gawking at all the cool toys myself. There's going to be 100's of one-of-a-kind plush from some really big artists -- Anna Chambers, Parskid, Blobby Farm, Stupid Sock Creatures (John Murphy) and Thomas Han to name a few. I'm floored I was asked to part of it. Thanks for looking!

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