January 31st, 2006

RADIOHEAD rose bear

Sours by Brendan Monroe

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i'm spreading the news about Sours for my good friend glen of android 8. i've been looking forward to these for months and they're almost here! don't miss your chance to own one of the best art toys coming out this year!

dimension: 7.5 inches (including stem)
units: 1000

colorway numbers:

red | 100 | munky king exclusive | $65 - $70
orange | 100 | android 8 exclusive | $65 - $70
green | 400 | moma and moca museum shops, more TBA| $50
brown | 400 | moma and moca museum shops, more TBA | $50

glen currently has a pre-order list for the green and brown ONLY. if you want to be assured of at least getting those two, send an email to glen@android8.com to be added to the list. i'll update when i know a release date.


i forgot to mention the faces are interchangeable!

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My boyfriend is the best evar...


Because for Valentine's day he sucked up his extreme hate for "toys" and bought me both the love AND hate version of these. I'm seriously wiggling around the house like a crazy woman in anticipation for them!#%

Now, anyone got a good site to get display cases for these puppies? I'm really hoping I get at least ONE blood splattered one too :)
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