February 2nd, 2006

die pig die


hey just thought everyone would like to know that kidrobot sent out an email to all their wholesale people saying that cases were sold out of the LA Dunnys so get them while you can, i know you can still get them from kidrobot, but not sure where else you can still get them....just thought id share.

thumbs down to ebay, let's trade!

I pretty much lucked out and got almost the whole series in a case except for the Joe Ledbetter Dunny, and of course the Coop and gold Baseman chase Dunnys. So if anyone wants to trade, here are pictures of what I have.

Extra LA DunnysCollapse )
I hope to trade any of these for a JLed Dunny or Dunnys from Series 2: Queen Andrea, Revolt, Filth, Sket (rainbow), Upso, or Huck Gee.
So if you're up for a trade, just leave a comment, or just send me an email: