February 4th, 2006

Sully loves you!

Valentine Tiny Heartheads!

If you check VinylPulse you should be familiar, but since it seems like people are doing that less and less I've decided to post it here as well!

Tesselate is a super cool artist and he's making these really cool Tiny Hearthead editions just for the Valentine's day season! He designed the figure to have space on the back to doodle on, as well as on the box. Upon request he'll draw on the back of the figure, and he'll write even longer messages on the box! Kind of more expensive when you get them overseas, but hey, they're really cool and I got some! I'll post the pictures when they get here. Sam's totally sweet and is really awesome to deal with.

Really, I'm not even sure if Sam's doing anymore orders, but you can ask him via email at sam@tesselate.me.uk (the Valentine Tiny Heartheads will sell for £10 with £1.50 for shipping (£3-4 internationally).

Oh yeah, San Diego Comic Con! Wooohooo!! (I get excited right when it ends right up until it happens again, and then after it happens... the same thing!)

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i have 2 CI-BOYS crazy cuties up for trade. ronald duck & yo! kitty... both are brand new, i have doubles. i'm looking to trade for anything really. ideally someone from the uk because of postage, but will trade to anywhere if you'd like! ♥

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