February 8th, 2006

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So i go to my store where i buy all my vinyl toys, and i notice they have the new LA Dunny series, so naturally i have to buy one. Anyways since i didn't have any from that series i just picked a box and would be happy with whatever, since it was garunteed to be something new. After opening the bag i notice that i picked out the GOLD baseman dunny. First try, and i got a uber rare one, i can just stop now...but that's not going to happen.

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So I'm taking a design class for journalists, and I wanted to share/get some opinions on my first project. Being a designer toy enthusiast, I of course decided to break from the exercise and travel routines and make a toys as art mag. The cover photo, nameplate, and all are my own work. If I wasn't a poor journalism student, I'd totally love to start up an indy magazine like this.

The PDF versionHere is a better resolution, and the nameplate colors are more accurate.
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obey dunny poster

hey did anyone here get an obey dunny...i didnt know that it came with a little propaganda poster...at first i thought it was a golden ticket, but then it was red and much larger than a ticket....just wondering if anyone else got one.

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I just got this 8" Qee in the mail...

... The Red Tim Biksup Polska Egg

Also, I was curious if anyone here on the forum is,
or knows someone who has any of these following
Flying Cat/Tokyo Guns vinyl figures for sale...

... Thanks

-Your Pal, ME

LA Dunny's & custom Gwin

OK, so I just got my case in the mail today and I did pretty good. The only common figure I need is the Buff Monster. Here is a list of the extras I have.

Thomas Han- Painkiller
Fawn Gehweiler(both designs)
Chad Phillips- Hollywood
Joe Ledbetter(4 extras)
Tara McPherson- Lonely Heart
Nic Cowen- Undead
Blaine Fontana(both designs)

I really want the Gold Gary Baseman, the Coop design and I saw a white version of Painkiller that my wife is dying for. She's a huge Thomas Han fan. I think it may have only been for the show but any info on the Wite Painkiller is much appreciated. -)I'm open to any trades, my wife and I have only been collecting for about 6 months now so our collection is still growing and always looking for those figures that are "out of print".

Also I just finished my first custom Gwin. He has been posted in the OctoberToys forum already but here he is for all the LJ folk.

His name is Oymasym or O.Y.M.A.S.Y.M. which stands for Open Your Mind and Shut Your Mouth.

Take Care,