February 15th, 2006



I was just wondering about these e-bay listings, I figured you guys would have some information. I have never in my life seen bearbricks that look like this... they have to be fakes, right?

Here is a link to the "Newly Listed Page" which contains all the listings from this particular seller.

Here are links to some individual listings... I mean come on, these toys look nothing like bearbricks except for the obvious attempt to copy the designs:

Has Medicom ever changed the body type, or are these complete fakes?
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i bought these in the city on sunday. the start to my dunny collection. i didn't really have a particular love for dunny's until i joined this community! all the wonderful pictures got me hooked. so this is the start to my series 2 collection:

i do plan on getting them all. being a girly girl, i'd have liked to get the 'lighter' ones first, rather than the 'darker' ones. my fave out of these would have to be the white one & green one. that mouth is just so funny.