April 27th, 2006

To the left of nowhere

Toy Addicts are the GREATEST addicts in the world.

Ok, so I've been pining over this new Jon Burgerman Zeebzeeb Plush right? But I can't order online because Paypal is the devil's bitch. So I posted at the Rotofugi Forums. Just venting. I figured, I could whine and rant and rave there and they would understand seeing as they're as whacked as I am over toys.

Not only did they understand... Someone ordered one for me and ADDED LOADS OF OTHER GOODIES! How cool is that?

This is what I'm getting:

1 Jon Burgerman Zeebzeeb plush
A few Burgerman stickers and a postcard


Since Marion (that's her name) happens to make small plush toys too, SHE'S SENDING SOME TO ME AS WELL! They're called mazzles and they're hella cute.

I am happier than a cat in a yarn factory.
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