July 3rd, 2006

  • rurik0

Well that really sucked

I got the mail today, yay! 5 new dunnys! or so i thought id at least get a few new ones.

I got the chase sun-min kim's spider boom though. which made me happy. but the rest were ALL double dunnys.

SOOooo they are here for sale. Not on ebay or anything im just selling them direct. and i DO have feedback, just ask :).

-Gel 2.0
-Helpy x2

I am asking 10$ each, shipped to anywhere in the USA. Paypal ONLY. They all include their slips, foils, and boxs. All are BRAND spankin new, just opened to verify they are doubles, and to take the picture for you guys.

email me at littlechahuahua@aol.com if interested. I need these out of here :-P