September 2nd, 2006

qee sale!

hey guys! i have the following qees for sale if anyone is interested? (they are also currently on ebay!) postage to the uk is £2.00 + 50p for each additional qee, comment if you require international postage costs!

all qees come with accessories and are in fabulous condition!

132: Violence Bear (Orange) with stand/stick (Clockwork Orange)
305: Balloon Bear (Blue)
330: Jigsaw UK (Grey/White)
347: Dokuroinu UK (Brown)
349: White Monkee UK (White)

354: Fang Wolf Qeester (Orange) *new/sealed*
360: Fang Wolf (Gold) *new/sealed*
432: Mr White Egg (White) *new/sealed*
444: Guardian Wolf (Red)
445: Blue Moon Wolf (Blue)

462: Weakling Gang Egg (Pink) *new/sealed*
483: Remdawg Jr
484: Janik Bear(Blue/Red)
486: A-Qeerius Dog
487: Pou Pou Egg
490: Luana Bear (Pink/Yellow)

067: 8" Chesire Cat (Purple/Lime) Signed by Angel-Devil *new/sealed*

im just posting what i have... ill put up prices if anyone is interested :D