September 14th, 2006


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Join me on Friday the 13th of October, 9pm-12am @ Madame X in NYC for the DEAD ZEBRA Inc ZLIKS toy release party (aka just an excuse to party). There will be toys, prints, drinks and people.. if you like any of those four things, you should come.

ZLIKS Party!

It's on now! You have one month to tell everyone you know, everyone you've ever known, and everyone you hope to meet in the future to join you at the Dead Zebra, Inc ZLIKS release party, a.k.a. an excuse to party party. It should be a pretty chill evening at the lovely plush upstairs at Madame X here in NYC! Hope to see you there.

Click for the events information page, or here for a larger version of the invite image.
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Operation: Fragmentation-group art show

Operation: Fragmentation

I am happy to finally be able to share this planned show with everyone.
This show has been in the works for months. It's concept is the pairing of the 9 inch rotocast vinyl Nade by Jamungo with an authentic military ammo case. This will be a great show with a variety of talent. It will be taking place in Columbus, Ohio starting December 2006. I hope that some of you will be able to attend the show. For those not able to travel, the pieces will be made available for viewing and sale through the web site after the opening reception.

Operation: Fragmentation

Participating artists include...

Aidan Hughes (BRUTE!)
Angie Mason
Annie Owens
Bobby Dixon
Colin Christian
Dave Burke
Doktor A
Giant Japanese Monster, Bad!
Grant Fuhst
Jenna "Soopajdelux" Colby
Jim Koch
Kathie Olivas
Mark Nagata
Mat Eaton (AZK)
Michelle Steele
Mike Maas
Naoto Hattori
TweeQim (miQ & Thuy3)
Tyson McAdoo
VanBeater & Ferg(Jamungo)

If you would like to help promote this art show, please save this image to your computer

and direct to this web site address:

There is also a Myspace group for this exhibition, that you can join to follow the happenings of the art show.