September 24th, 2006

some sales at Frozen Empire Toys

For a limited time, the prices on the following items are reduced.
Be sure to take advantage and pick these up while you still can!

Mad*L Artist Series

Our current stock of Mad*L Artist Series 1 figures has been reduced in price to $28.00 each!

Ika Gilas by Frank Kozik / Wonderwall

Our selection of Ika Gilas figures (clear purple, clear orange & clear) are now just $58.00 each!


Cold Day In Hell (toyqube exclusive color) by Joe Ledbetter and Frozen Solid Security Monkey by David Horvath Trexi's are now just $9.50 each!

Turtlecamper - Bone - Strangeco / Jeremy Fish

The Bone Edition of Jeremy Fish / Strangeco's Turtlecamper has been dropped to $48.00!

Bomb Jr. - Evil Albino by Kozik / Toy2r

This Toy Tokyo Exclusive (limited to just 150) by Frank Kozik / Toy2R has been marked down to just $38.00!

Yeti Qee by Biskup / Toy2R

And just for good measure, we decided to knock a few bucks off the brand new Yeti Qee by Tim Biskup / Toy2r, bringing it down to $78.00. :)

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All of this and MUCH more can be found on the Frozen Empire Toys website.

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