November 9th, 2006

  • rurik0

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i want a monger damnit. im not that picky which one.

i have 4 kozik stars to trade. id be willing to trade all 4 stars for one monger, and long as if its a set of 2, both are there. or if its just one larger monger, that one will work.

i have plenty of feedback on seller account lunaricsales, on ebay under lunaricstardust, and i also did some dunny trading with someone on here a while ago, im sure he would vouch for me.

i dont send first, but im hard up for a monger :(, living in iowa sucks. i cant just go to a shop & buy anything cool, grr.

Operation: Fragmentation Group Art Exhibition

Operation: Fragmentation

I am happy to finally be able to share this planned show with everyone.
This show has been in the works for months. It's concept is the pairing of the 9 inch rotocast vinyl Nade by Jamungo with an authentic military ammo case. This will be a great show with a variety of talent. It will be taking place in Columbus, Ohio starting December 12, 2006. I hope that some of you will be able to attend the show. For those not able to travel, the pieces will be made available for viewing and sale through the web site after the opening reception.

Operation: Fragmentation

Participating artists include...

Angie Mason
Annie Owens
Bobby Dixon
Colin Christian
Dave Burke
Doktor A
Giant Japanese Monster, Bad!
Grant Fuhst
Jenna "Soopajdelux" Colby
Jim Koch
Kathie Olivas
Mark Nagata
Mat Eaton (AZK)
Michelle Steele
Mike Maas
Naoto Hattori
Todd Cameron
TweeQim (miQ & Thuy3)
Tyson McAdoo
VanBeater & Ferg(Jamungo)
Walter King

Due to circumstances beyond our control, Aidan Hughes (BRUTE!) will no longer be participating in this show.

Here is a teaser pic of some of the artist pieces that will be seen at the show.

Exhibition Dates: December 12, 2006 through January 21, 2007
Opening Reception: December 16, 2006 from 7-9pm

There is a Myspace group for this exhibition, that you can join to follow the happenings of the art show.