November 20th, 2006

  • rurik0

custom necklace i did

custom gloomy bear necklace i did for some girl who asked me if i could do one for her. i really like how it turned out. i used her image she wanted (with the blood) and my pink gloomy bear keychain to model after.

i used sculpey polymer clay, clear gloss, and nail polish on a very pointy pin (would have usually used acrylics but i cant FIND mind, grr).

I finally ordered my Poppeltina (?) cactus friends. im so happy, ive held off on buying it for myself cuz of xmas shopping. i finally caved. 16.50 at shipped, ive delt with them before. i like how fast they ship.

I also really need to sell those 4 kozik stars i posted earlier in here. any offers at least? from people with paypal? id also trade all FOUR for 1 dunny? but i dont send first, and YES i DO have feedback to show you.